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Port City Models & Talent
Modeling Industry Standards

Editorial Fashion - Print and Runway
Industry Standards Height Size
Women 5'8.5" 6' 4-6
Men 5'11 6'1" 32-36

Editorial Models are the cream of the crop. They are the high-profile supermodels that people come to know by their first names. The best Editorial Models are naturals in front of the camera and understand how to project different emotions. They usually have acting skills which enable them to immerse themselves in the feel of the clothes and the mood and the image that they are depicting. Editorial work is the most creative allowing the model to break new ground.

Runway Models often participate in theatrical-like performances orchestrated as mini-Broadway productions or rock shows. They must exude the same energy as other live performers. Designers who stage their collections twice a year are now booking the Runway Models who are seen on magazine covers.

Commercial Modeling - Print and Runway
Industry Standards Height Size
Women 5'6.5" 6' 4-8
Men 5'7" 6'1" 32-38

Commercial Modeling is by far the largest and most diverse field of modeling representing models of all ages, sizes, descriptions and ethnic backgrounds. While the average income of Commercial Models does not approach the levels of the top Editorial Models, many make very attractive incomes and work steadily with long careers. All US agencies not located in New York, are in actuality, commercial agencies. Commercial print includes catalog modeling, beauty products, life style (such as models who appear in health club ads and vacation layouts), fashion ads (even those famous models doing Versace ads are doing commercial print, not editorial work) and anything where a model is used in an ad to sell a product or a service. Most glamour print modeling, such as swimsuit calendars, posters, etc. is a form of commercial print work. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is editorial.

Promotional Modeling
No Specific Requirements.

Promotional Modeling includes work done at conventions and trade show events where models are hired as greeters at booths to hand out literature and handle promotional items such a hats and t-shirts, as well as to answer basic questions pertaining to when seminars or demonstrations are scheduled. The right model can increase traffic through a booth or store substantially. Through this type of work a model may be able develop contacts with the marketing people who work at the booths that may lead to future print work. She may have the opportunity to learn the customers' product lines and be considered an invaluable asset, often traveling (at corporate expense) to major cities for these companies when they are participating in a trade show. Promotional Modeling also includes passing out samples at cosmetic counters (often during the Christmas buying season) during special promotions arranged by companies.

Specialty Modeling - Print and Runway
Industry Standards Height Size
Petite Women 5'2" 5'4" 2-4
Plus Woman 5'2" 6'1" 16+

Petite Models are hired by the petite divisions of major fashion designers. These models must be pretty and healthy looking with a wholesome appeal. Liz Claiborne, Sears and JC Penney often book petite models for beauty ads (skin, hair and make-up) where size is irrelevant.

Plus-Size Models are an increasingly busy category of models. Designers are finally recognizing the fact that the average American woman is a size 14 and can't identify with a size 6 model. Plus Models may be large-boned with broad shoulders and full hips and usually have beautiful, classic facial features.

Sophisticated Modeling includes those models who defy the signs of aging and some, often veterans of the modeling industry, continue to model into the prime of their 30's and 40's. Our Sophisticated Division helps develop the careers of these more mature models ages 30 and above.

Fitness Modeling has grown as health and fitness has moved more into the public consciousness. Fitness attire has continued to evolve and become more everyday wear. Add to this all of the fitness, health, and outdoor lifestyle magazines that are on the newsstands and you have a fast growing category for modeling.

Port City Kids is always scouting for shining new faces and accepts newborns up to teens for print and talent management.

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